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UL 891-2019 pdf free download

UL 891-2019 pdf free download.Switchboards.
6.2.8 Motor circuits With respect to, a wiring diagram and a current element table for overload relays shall be provided for each motor Circuit. The table shall be that provided for the open-type motor starter unless the table is verified by calibration testing in the switchboard. The table and a diagram shall be attached to the switchboard section at a plainly visible location. Attachment to the inside of a door or cover is acceptable. Tables, diagrams. and electrical rating information for individual motor circuits may be provided at a central location on or in the switchboard section in a pocket expressly provided for the purpose. The individual motor controller shall have a marking secured at a plainly visible location giving the proper diagram, current element table, and electrical rating information numbers and referencing the location With respect to, if a controller can be set to an automatic reset mode, and ii a wiring diagram indicates that 2-wire control may be used, a marking shall be located where visible when making field connections to the control circuit to indicate that a motor connected to the circuit may start automatically when the relay is in the automatic reset position. A marking shall be located at a control circuit disconnect as covered in 8,615.3 to identify it as
6.2.9 Enclosure environmental conditions An enclosure shall be marked with the environmental Type number or numbers, as specified in Table 12. An enclosure that complies with the requirements for more than one type of enclosure may be marked accordingly with multiple type designations A Type 3R enclosure may also bear the supplemental marking Rainproot. If used, the supplemental marking shall be an integral part of marking containing the manufacturers name or trademark, unless it is an integral part of other required markings. A switchboard section or switchboard enclosure marked Type 3R and provided with means to accommodate one or more separable conduit hubs or closure fittings shall be marked with the name or trademark of the manufacturer and with the conduit size and corresponding catalog designation of those fittings that can be used with that enclosure. A separable conduit hub and a closure fitting shall be marked with the manufacturers name or trademark and the catalog number or equivalent. Such a hub or fitting may be shipped separately, and any gaskets, hardware, and instructions necessary for installation shall be shipped with the fitting or packaged with the enclosure.UL 891-2019 pdf free download.

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