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UL 970-2020 pdf free download

UL 970-2020 pdf free download.Retail Fixtures and Merchandise Displays.
3.3 Capacitors
3.3.1 A capacitor provided as a part of a capacitor motor and a capacitor connected across-the-line, such as a capacitor for radio-interference elimination or power-factor correction, shall be housed within an enclosure or container that protects the plates against mechanical damage and that reduces the risk of the emission of flame or molten material resulting from malfunction or breakdown of the capacitor. The container shall be of metal providing strength and protection not less than that of uncoated steel having a thickness of 0.020 inch (0.51 mm).
Exceptio,v The individual container of a capacitor is able to be of sheet metal less than 0.020 inch (0.51 mm) thick or is able to be of material other than metal when the capacitor is mounted in an enclosure that houses other parts of the display. The enclosure must be rated for use in enclosing live parts.
3.3.2 When the malfunction or breakdown of a capacitor results in a nsk of fire, electric shock, or injury to persons, thermal or overcurrent protection shall be provided in the display to reduce the risk of such a condition.
3.3.3 A capacitor connected from one side of the line to the frame or enclosure of a display shall have a capacitance rating of not more than 0.10 microfarad.
3.3.4 A display that is intended to be controlled by or operated in conjunction with a capacitor or a combination capacitor-and-transformer unit shall be supplied with such capacitor or unit.
3.3.5 Under both normal and abnormal conditions of use, a capacitor employing a dielectric medium more combustib’e than askarel shall not result in a risk of electric shock or fire and shall be protected against expulsion of the dielectric medium. A capacitor complying with the requirements for protected oil- filled capacitors in the Standard for Capacitors, UL 810, meets the intent of this requirement.
3.4 Connectors
3.4.1 A connector shall comply with one of the following:
a) The Standard for Attachment Plugs and Receptacles, UL 498;
b) The Standard for Insulated Multi-Pole Splicing Wire Connectors, UL 2459;
c) The Standard for Component Connectors for Use in Data, Signal, Control and Power Applications, UL 1977, provided the connector meets voltage and current requirements for the intended load and the material RTI is suitable for the maximum temperature on the connector developed in the Temperature Test.UL 970-2020 pdf free download.

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