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UL 982-2019 pdf free download

UL 982-2019 pdf free download.Motor-Operated Household Food Preparing Machines.
a) The power factor in the locked rotor condition is at least 80 percent: and
b) The locked rotor current is not more than 150 percent of the switch rating, for switches rated 10 A or less.’ or
C) The locked rotor current is not more than 125 percent of the switch rating. for switches rated greater than 10 A.
Exception No. 2: A switch with a suitable voltage rating and a resistive current rating not less than twice the full-load current corresponding to the motor horsepower rating, per Article 430 of the National Electncal Code. ANSI/NFPA 70. may be used if it complies with the Switch Overload Test Where the horsepower rating of the motor is not specified, the resistive current rating shall not be less than twice the rating of the appliance.
6,1915 With reference to the requirement in 619.1.3, the resistive current rating of a switch that controls an inductive load other than a motor, such as a transformer or relay, shall not be less than twice the rated full-load current of the inductive load. If, when energized, an appliance has moving parts that are likely to cause injury to persons, a motor control switch shall be provided on the appliance and shall have a plainly identified OFF position, or ON and OFF positions, in accordance with 6.19 1.7 and as applicable. See also Exception No. 2 of for electronic controls employed in place of a motor control OFF switch.
Exception No. 1: If a momentary contact switch with no means for locking in the on condition is used as the motor control switch, the ON arid OFF markings may be omitted.
Exception No. 2: The OFF marking speciled in 6.19. 1.7 may be omitted for a product with a reliable standby condition if the construction complies with all of the following
a) The same push button switch actuator is used for placing the unit in the OFF. ON and Standby conditions.
b) The OFF and standby condition comply with the single fault reliability as specified in 27. 14.
c) The switch is marked with the Standby symbol (IEC 60417-5009) shown in Figure 6.3, and
d) The function of the switch and meaning of the symbol is descnbed in the instruction manual per
Exception No. 3: The OFF and ON markings specified in and 6.19.1,8 respectively may be replaced by the ON/OFF (push-push) symbol (IEC 60417-5010) shown in Figure 6.4 if a single switch push button actuator is used for ON and OFF with separate and stable ON and OFF positions.UL 982-2019 pdf free download.

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