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UL 9990-2017 pdf free download

UL 9990-2017 pdf free download.Outline of Investigation for Information and Communication Technology.
a) The Cable Flexing test in Cable Flexing Test Procedure for Electrical Connectors. EIA 364-
41. No physical damage or discontinuity over 1 ms during flexing shall occur to the cable assembly with Dimension X = 3.7 times the cable diameter and 100 cycles in each of two planes, 120 degree arc.
b) A sample of the cable assembly is to be secured to the flexing apparatus so that the cord
assumes the natural bend permitted by the assembly.
Each connector is to be secured in the jaws of the flexing machine so that the point of cord exit is at the center of rotation. The rotating jaws are to be adjusted to rotate to an angle of 90
degrees to each side of the centered position. At the centered position, the cord is to hang
vertically and a test weight of 113 g (4 oz) is to be attached to the cord approximately 305 mm (12 inches) from the point of rotation as illustrated in Figure 8.1.
Each cable assembly is to be subjected to 100 complete flexing cycles in each plane. A flexing cycle consists of rotation of the jaws from the vertical (centered) position until 90 degrees to
one side, back past the vertical position until 90 degrees to the other side, and back to the
vertical position. The rate of testing is to be 10 cycles per minute
acord guides are used only to control oscillation of the wire during testing and can therefore be adjusted, if necessary, so that the cord does not contact the guides in a manner that could increase the degree of bend present at its entry to the fitting dunng the test.
9 Normal Temperature Test
9.1 The temperature rise shall not exceed 30°C (54°F) above ambient temperature at any point on the connectors under test, The temperature on the cable shall not exceed the temperature rating of the cable.
9.2 The test current shall be at the maximum rating of the cable assembly. The current is to be applied to the appropriate power contacts as detailed in the relevant specification using a constant current source with the other end terminating in a short circuit or a suitable power supply and load combination. The assembly is to be operated in this manner until thermal equilibrium is attained. A temperature is considered to be stabilized when three consecutive readings, taken at 5 minute intervals, indicate no further rise above the ambient temperature.
9.3 Temperatures are to be measured by means of thermocouples that are not larger than 24 AWG (0.21 mm2) and not smaller than 30 AWG (0.05 mm2). When thermocouples are used in determining temperatures, it is common practice to employ thermocouples consisting of 30 AWG iron and constantan wires with a suitable temperature indicating instrument. This equipment is to be used whenever a referee measurement of temperature is necessary.UL 9990-2017 pdf free download.

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