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AS 1141.8-2014 pdf free download

AS 1141.8-2014 pdf free download.Methods for sampling and testing aggregates Method 8 : Water-soluble fraction of filler.
This AS 1141.8 sets out the method for the determination of the water-soluble fraction of a tiller for asphalt.
The following document is referred to in this Standard:
1l41 Methods for sampling and testing aggregates
1141.2 Method 2: Basic testing equipment
The following apparatus complying with the relevant provisions of AS 1141.2, is required:
(a) Balance—of at least 100 g capacity. with a limit of performance not exceeding ±0.005 g.
(b) Flask—200 mL Erlenmeyer flask.
(c) Mechanical shaker or slirrer.
(d) Oven—a drying oven, of operating temperature 105°C to 110°C.
(e) Sintered glass cructhle—04 with plate 30 mm diameter.
The test procedure shall he as follows:
(a) Dry the tiller to constant mass in the oven at a temperature of 105°C to 110°C.
(h) Place approximately 10 g ol the dried Tiller into a previously weighed 200 rnL. Erlenmeyer flask, weigh flask and contents, calculate the mass of the filler (m1) to the nearest 0.01 g and add 100 mL of distilled water at 23 ±2°C.
(c) Shake well by hand until no lumps can he observed; then with the mechanical shaker or stirrer agitate at laboratory room temperature for a period of I h.
(d) Filter the material through a previously weighed sintered glass crucible which has been dried to constant mass at 105°C to 110°C, and wash all residue from the flask into the crucible with distilled water from a wash bottle.
(e) Wash the residue in the crucible with three separate quantities of distilled water, draining completely between washings.
(f) Dry the crucible and residue to constant mass in an oven at l05°C to 110°C.
(g) Determine the mass of the dried crucible and residue to the nearest 0.01 g. Calculate the mass of the residue (m2).
The water-soluble fraction shall be calculated, as a percentage, using the following equation:
Water-soluble fraction m1 xlOO
rn, initial mass of filler hcfore leaching, in grams
rn. mass of dried filler, in grams
The following shall be reported:
(a) The water-soluble fraction, as a percentage. to the nearest whole number.
(b) The number of this Australian/New Zealand Standard, i.e. AS/NZS 1141.8.AS 1141.8-2014 pdf free download.

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