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AS 4575-2005 pdf free download

AS 4575-2005 pdf free download.Gas appliances-Quality of servicing.
The following key requirements should be verified by the service person as correct before leaving the appliance operational:
(a) Assess the worksite for hazards before commencing servicing.
(b) Confirm that the appliance is certified for use in the situation where it is installed and is suitable for the connected gas supply.
(c) Where required. confirm that the appliance is installed in accordance with AS 5601.
(d) Ensure the test point gas pressure is set to the manufacturer’s specification (refer to the rating plate) and the gas pressure is constant and unaffected (except momentarily) by the operation of other appliances.
(e) Check the secondary flue system on conventionally flued indoor products to ensure that —
(i) with the main burner(s) operating. there is room air being drawn into the drafl diverter and flue products are not consistently spilling from the draft diverter indicating a blocked or partially blocked flue; and
(ii) there are no signs of combustible material in contact with the surface of single skin flues.
(fl Confirm that there is an uninterrupted supply of fresh air to indoor appliances in compliance with AS 5601. If the air supply is via an internal door or wall, check that the adjacent room has the required openings to outside.
(g) On indoor conventionally hued appliance installations check that ventilation fans, air conditioners. exhaus systems, other gas appliances or return air ducts will not cause flue products to be drawn back into the room.
(h) Ensure that flammable and corrosive materials are not stored or used in the vicinity of any gas appliance.
(i) Ensure that combustible items are not placed in the path of flue products in the case of untlued appliances or in contact or close proximity to hot surfaces.
(j) Remove dust and debris build-up within and around an appliance that may be ignited by lint surfaces, flame rollout and electrical contacts. Ensure the adequate supply of fresh air is not inhibited by dust.
(k) Check that external appliances are installed such that the flue terminal has the required clearances from openings to the building (windows, doors, ventilators), from eaves and building corners and from other equipment that may cause flue products to be drawn into the building.AS 4575-2005 pdf free download.

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