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AS 4736-2006 pdf free download

AS 4736-2006 pdf free download.Biodegradable plastics—Biodegradable plastics suitable for composting and other microbial treatment.
(f) Supply distilled water periodically during the whole test duration as needed. It is of advantage to keep the trays in a dark place or to cover them during the germination period. Report
The germination numbers (number of grown plants) and the plant biomass of the sample compost and the blank compost shall be compared in all rniing rates. Both germination rate and biomass shall be calculated as a percent of the corresponding salues obtained with the blank compost.
5.7 kecog.itabilit
The plastic that is intended for entering the biowaste stream shall be recognizable as
compostable or biodegradable by the end user.
6.1 Check list
For each plaiic sample the result of each nsscssmcIi or ic’t undertaken (as required in Clause 5.2) shall be recorded on an assessment check list and their combined outcome used to determine whether a plastic material is biologicall) degradable. The check list shall pros ide for the idcniil.caiion of any supplementary information.
NOTE: A recommended check list is given in Appendis H.
6.2 Sopportin documentation
The cheek lis together with an other information (including cternally sourced technical data) neccssary to support the conclusions reached in the assessments shall be retained and made asailable for inspection if required.
To be designated compostablc’ the plastic shall meet all the criteria of the five procedures set out in Clause 5.3 to Clause 5.7. There is no requirement for the procedures to be organized in any particular way or sequence.
For the purposes of this Standard compost is not only the final product of the acrobic composting process but also the aerobically stabilized product of the anaerobic biogasification process. Thus, where appropriate, a disintegration test should be performed on materials that have been treated anacrobicall. [he total anaerobic treatment time for the material, prior to disintegration testing. should be no longer than 12 weeks. To pass this test, at least 90% of the test material should pass through a 2 nim sieve.
To permit efficiencies in testing it is not necessary to conduct tests completely in sequence. tinder some circumstances testing can he undertaken in parallel. For example. it is not necessary that biodegradation of plastic be fully completed by the end of biological treatment in technical plants hut if it can subsequently be completed during the use of the compost produced. This standard test is that after 12 weeks of composting at least 90% of the test material should pass through a 2 mm sieve.AS 4736-2006 pdf free download.

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