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AS 5017-2006 pdf free download

AS 5017-2006 pdf free download.Health Care Client Identification.
This Clause describes client identifiers assigned by various Commonwealth government agencies to clients authorized to receive specific health care services as shown in Figure 3. Private sector organi:alions
Private Sector Organizations are bound by the National Privacy Principles in the Privac Act /988. National Privacy Principle 7 provides that—
(a) a private sector organization must not adopt as its own identifier of an individual, an identifier assigned to the individual by a Commonwealth agency. its agents or a service provider under a Commonwealth contract: and
(b) a private sector organization must not use or disclose an identifier assigned to an individual by a Commonwealth agency, its agent or a contracted service unless the use or disclosure is necessary for the organization to fulfil its obligations to the agency or in other specified circumstances.
The collection of Commonwealth identifiers by private sector health care establishments should be for the purpose of providing care to a client that is authorized by. and will he financed by, a specific government agency. These identifiers should only be used or disclosed by private sector health care establishments to fulfil their obligations to the Commonwealth agency that assigned the identifier and not t’or any other purpose. such as data linkage, unless permitted by law. For example, Individual Medicare Card Number, DVA Number and/or Centrelink Customer Reference Number should be collected from clients eligible to receive health services funded by the Commonwealth Government. The numbers should be reported to the appropriate government agency to reconcile payment for the service provided and not used by private sector organizations for any other purpose. including data linkage, unless specifically authorized.
A private sector organization’s policy on managenient of personal information needs to be set out in a document that is available to health care clients or aity other person on request. Public sector (Jrgani:ai,onx
In the case of public sector organizations. Commonwealth. State and Territory government agencies (including public hospitals) are not bound by the National Privacy Principles. Such agencies should make themselves aware of the relevant Commonwealth. State and Territory rules governing the use of unique assigned identifiers. Sunwiarv
This Standard provides a guide for consistent collection and use of restricted purpose health care identifiers in accordance with Privacy Principles where relevant.
Table 4 gives a summary structure for Health Care Client Identifiers data elements for restricted purposes. Table 5 provides some examples.AS 5017-2006 pdf free download.

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