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AS 4841-2006 pdf free download

AS 4841-2006 pdf free download.Hygienic production of pet meat.
6.141 The operator shall ensure accurate records of product received and the condition of product upon receipt are maintained.
6.142 The operator shall ensure all wild animal carcases presentcd have an approved tag affixed to the carcase in accordance with the requirements of 6.13.8.
6.14.3 The operator shall take au practical steps to ensure a wild animal carcase showing evidence oldisease or contamination likely to result in total condemnation is not admitted for processing.
6.14.4 Inspection procedures for each species shall be performed as described in Appendix A. Carcases shall be presented in a manner that allows inspection to be perkrmed cf}lden tly and eiiecrively.
6.14.5 The operator shall submit every wild animal carcase to a pre-dressing inspection to determine whether or not it is suitable for dressing for the production of pet meat.
6.14.6 Inspection points with sufficient lighting to enable careful examination shall be provided at appropriate locations in the establishment to facilitate the examination of the wild animal carcase.
6.14.7 II not removed for inspection, the skin may he retained on the wild animal carcase for protection or, if desired, for purposes of trade where approved by the controlling authoriry
6.14.8 The examination of the carcase and body parts for disposition shall be carried out by a person with training and qualifications that enable the accurate recognition of the conditions described and their correct disposition.
6,14.9 Emphasis should be placed on normal healthy carcases and parts. I)epartures from normal as described in Appendix B shall be dealt with according to the dispositions described for each observation or set of observations. Where it suits the purposes of the operator. a more severe disposition may be selected rather than that acceptable for the condition described.
6.14.10 The operator shall be satisfied the wild animal was killed in accordance with the Model code of Practice for the Welfare ofAnimals — Feral Livestock Animals. Destruction or Capture. Handling and Marketing.
6.14.11 The operator is to note and take into consideration observations made during the harvesting of the wild animal which have been reported by the field processor.
6.14.12 Any wild animal ciarca.se or part which is diseased or suspected of being diseased shall be handled in a manner that ensures that other product is not contaminated, and minimises contamination of plant. equipmeni and personnel.
6.14.13 No person handling a wild animal carcasc before the inspection is completed shall:
(a) remove any serous membrane.AS 4841-2006 pdf free download.

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