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AS 4680-2006 pdf free download

AS 4680-2006 pdf free download.Hot-dip galvanized ( zinc ) coatings on abricated ferrous articles.
8.2 Repair requirements
Surfaces that remain uncoated during the galvanizing process as outlined above and require repair, shall be repaired by the application of one of the following coatings:
(a) Organic zinc rich epoxy paint complying with ASINZS 3750.9. This is to be applied to the repair areas in two coats. Each coat shall have a minimum dry film thickness of 50 ini.
(b) Inorganic zinc silicate paint complying to AS/NZS 3750.15. This shall have a minimum dry film thickness of 100 tim.
NOTE: For subsequent powder coating, these two coating repair systems should he capable of passing 1000 hour neutral salt spray performance when tested in accordance with AS 2331,3.1 and should be stable under powder coating curing conditions.
(c) Zinc metal spray to ISO 2063 or ASINZS 2312.
(d) Zinc alloy solder stick.
All of the above reatmnents shall be applied as per manufacturers’ requirements and shall include any necessary pre-treatment to ensure good adhesion to the substrate.
The coating thickness on the renovated area shall be a minimum of 30 tmn more than the local coating thickness requirements in Tables I and 2 for the relevant hot dip galvanized coating unless the purchaser advises the galvanizer otherwise e.g.. when the galvanized surface is to be over coated and the thickness for renovated areas is to be the same as for the hot dip galvanized coating.
The selected coating on the renovated areas shall be capable of giving sacrificial protection
to the steel to which it is applied.
If a further coating has been specified by the purchaser for aesthetic or t’urther protective purposes, the purchaser and applicator of such coatings shall assure themselves that they are compatible with the repair methods and materials used in the repair of uncoated areas.
8.3 Repair after site handling and installation
The same procedures and quality of repair products shall apply as for galvanizing process works.
Given the less specific facilities available on site, particular care is required with surface preparation and ensuring the most suitable method needed with the minimum 100 pm dry film thickness described.AS 4680-2006 pdf free download.

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