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AS 1418.8-2008 pdf free download

AS 1418.8-2008 pdf free download.Cranes . hoists and winches Part 8 : Special purpose appliances.
(e) Except for tailgate loaders powered by d.c. hydraulic power pack and controlled by a pendant that conforms to EN 60204-I, an emergency stop shall be fitted at each control station whether external to the platform or on the platform.
(f) A keyed lockable isolator shall be pro’ided to prevent unauthoriied use.
(g) Means shall be provided to prevent overrun of the platform in the fully raised and lowered positions. Where this is achieved by limits they shall comply with AS 1418.1 and a working and final limit arranged to be both electrically and mechanically independent shall be fitted to the raise motion. Where the drive mechanism is hydraulic, overrun may be prevented by mechanical stops fitted directly to the drive mechanism.
(h) Where hoists are required to be serviced in a raised position, a device, independent of the hoist mechanism, shall be provided to retain the platform in the raised position. The device shall be provided with the hoist, and shall be accompanied by instructions fitted in a location on the hoist adjacent to the access area. The device shall be designed for easy’ placement and be secured against dislodgement when in use, and shall be stored adjacent to or on the hoist, and suitably identified and labelled.
(i) When the platform hoist is not in use. except for a fully skirted or aproned platform hoist or one within an enclosure, every platform hoist shall be positioned at the lowest level served and locked in the ‘0FF’ position on completion of use. A notice. stating this requirement. shall be prominently displayed at the platform hoist.
(j) Roving pendants shall not exceed 32 V d.c and incorporate an anti-tug feature that prevents the cord from being inadvertently pulled out.
(k) The electrical installation shall have a main isolator (in compliance with AS 1418.1) located adjacent to the platform hoist.
(I) Electric motors located beneath a platform hoist shall have an adjacent isolator.
(m) Where there are switches or equipment beneath the hoist requiring maintenance and access is from beneath the platform. there shall be a minimum clearance of 600 mm between the bottom of the cage and the pit floor when the cage is at its lowest landing
(n) The control circuit wiring shall be arranged and electrically protected so that in the event of an earth fault the platform hoist will become inoperative.
NOTE: For a platform hoist operating from a pit with an electric motor incorporating a power pack. the assembly should be located above the level of the pit.
3.6.4 Pneumatic equipnlcnt and controls
The pneumatic equipment and controls for a platform hoist shall comply with Clause 2.4 and the following requirements:AS 1418.8-2008 pdf free download.

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