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AS 2030.1-2009 pdf free download

AS 2030.1-2009 pdf free download.Gas cylinders Part 1 : General requirements.
8.1 General
A gas cylinder should always be presumed to contain pressure, even when gas is not released when the valve is opened.
Cylinder valves shall not be disassembled nor removed from a cylinder, except by qualified personnel and with the permission of the cylinder owner.
8.2 Storage, handling and transportation
A gas cylinder shall only he used for the storage and transport of gases and substances for which it was designed.
I For storage and handling of gas cylinders, the following Standards provide guidance:
AS.NZS 1596, AS 3848 Parts I and 2. AS 4289. AS 4332. AS 4839. AS 5034 and ISO 11625.
2 For transport. rcference should be made to the ADG Code, and to relevant Statc. Territory and Commonwealth regulations pertaining to dangerous goods andor hazardous substances.
8.3 Avoidance of oil grease and water
Neither oil nor grease shall he allowed to come into contact with the valves or cylinders used for the storage and transport of any gas. Particular care shall be taken to prevent contamination of any cylinder which contains oxygen, nitrous oxide. chlorine, any other oxidizing agent or any gas for human respiration.
Care shall be taken to ensure that water is not allowed to enter a cylinder between hydrostatic test or inspections.
NOTE: Exclusion of moisture and other potentially corrosive materials is particularly important for cylinders manufactured from high strength steel where the relatively thin walls provide little corrosion allowance.
8.4 Closing valves for transportation
The shut-off valve for each cylinder shall be closed during transportation.
8.5 Cylinders for toxic gases
A gastight seal shall not be removed from a toxic gas cylinder unless appropriate protection (e.g. personal protective equipment) is afforded to the person(s) removing the seal. While the seal is being removed, a check for leakage shall he carried out.
8.6 Need to keep cylinders cool
Filled cylinders shall be kept away from sources of heat which are likely to overheat the cylinder, above its maximum working temperature.AS 2030.1-2009 pdf free download.

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