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AS 2560.2.3-2007 pdf free download

AS 2560.2.3-2007 pdf free download.Sports lighting Part 2.3 : Specific applications Lighting for football ( all codes ).
Except shere specifically stated in this Standard, determination (by calculation or measurenlent) of horizontal illuniinance uniformity shall be made in accordance with the relevant sections of AS 2560. I.
7.3 Horizontal illuminance uniformity requirements
The horizontal illuminance uniformity ratios determined from illuminance levels calculated or measured. as appropriate, in accordance with Clause 6. shall be not less than the relevant value stated in Table I.
The client should be queried at the early stages of the design process about an factors that might require higher levels of uniformity than those specified in Table I for the apparent relevant level of play.
7.4 Eniformit gradient
7.4.1 General
The uniformity gradient (refer to AS 2560.1 for definition) indicates the rate of change of illuminance between any grid point and the eight immediately adjacent grid points. Thus. calculating the uniformity gradient for every grid point in a lit area and considering values considerably higher or lower than the norm can indicate the presence of any excessively bright or dark spots in the design or installation.
These variations can be important for high-speed sports because a fast-moving object passing from a light space to a dark space can appear to change speeds due to different visual processing times for different adaptation levels as the visual system responds more slowly at lower adaptation levels. However, even for extremely fast movement, the capabilities of human vision are such that uniformity gradients considerably in excess of 20% usually provide little difficulty.
7.4.2 Ungfornniv gradient requirements
The highest uniformity gradient determined from illuminance levels calculated or measured. as appropriate, in accordance with Clause 6. shall he not greater than the relevant value specified in Table I.
8.1 General
Glare from floodlights which arc not correctly positioned and aimed with respect to the PPA may negate any benefits gained from the increases they provide in illumination.
In the design of football ground lighting installations, careful consideration should be given to visual requirements for the comfort of the participants and the spectators.AS 2560.2.3-2007 pdf free download.

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