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AS 2885.0-2008 pdf free download

AS 2885.0-2008 pdf free download.Pipelines-Gas and liquid petroleum Part 0 : General requirements.
It is not intended to prohibit the use of any materials, designs, methods of assembly, procedures or practices (items) that do not comply with the specific requirements of the Standard, or are not mentioned in it, hut do give equivalent or helter results to those speci tied.
Where such items are being considered, the Licensee shall be responsible for determining the suitability of the item against the intent of this Standard, and developing any additional requirements (including technical, quality, procedural, safety, maintenance) needed to satisfy the intent of the Standard. Prior to the item being used, it shall be approved in accordance with the requirements of this Standard.
I DNV-RP-A203, Quail) lcalion Procedures for New Technology, and API tiN Recommended Practice for Subsea Production System Reliability and Technical Ri.ck Assessment, provide guidance on the structured evaluation and demonstration of new technology for general use.
2 The industry may request that an item representing new technology be incorporated in the Standard as a nominated item, including rules for the general use of the item in pipelines designed. constructed, operated and maintained to the Standard. Such a request should demonstrate the suitability of the item against the intent of this Standard and that there is sufficient demand for the item to justify a revision to the Standard.
3 As part of a revision to a Standard, the responsible committee may recogniie niaterials, components. processes and procedures not currently addressed by the Standard hut which, in the opinion of the responsible committee, improve pipeline safety, or provide another benefit to the industry, without demonstration of a need by the industry or a Licensee.
1.6.3 Use of other standards
Where the Standard permits the use of other Standards, the intent is that the other Standard be used in full and that the requirements of the other Standard not be used in conjunction with the requirements of the Standard. Where the other Standard requires the use of compatible Standards or codes for compliance, those compatible Standards or codes shall be used.
Where the Standard imposes requirements that add to or override the requirements of a permitted Standard, the additional requirements are explicitly stated in AS 2885 and have to be met.
1.6.4 Interpretations
Questions concerning the meaning, application, or effect of any part of the Standard may be referred to the Standards Australia Committee ME-038. Petroleum Pipelines, for explanation. The authority of the Committee is limited to matters of interpretations of the intent of the Standard. The Committee will not adjudicate in disputes or provide rulings upon methods by which means compliance of the Standard will be achieved.AS 2885.0-2008 pdf free download.

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