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AS 2943-2007 pdf free download

AS 2943-2007 pdf free download.Plastics pipes and fittings for gas reticulation-Polyamide compounds.
The certification scheme shall meet the criteria described in SA HK l8.28/SANZ HB 18.28 in that, as well as full type testing from independently sampled production and subsequent verification of conformance. it requires the manufacturer to maintain effective planning to control production.
The certification scheme serves to indicate that the products consistently contbrm to the requirements of this Standard.
Product certification shall he conducted by a certification body accredited by the Joint Accreditation System for Australia and New Zealand (JAS-ANZ) or by another certification body that is acceptable to JAS-ANZ.
The frequency of ihe sampling and testing plan. as detailed in Paragraph AS. shall be used by the certifying body for product compliance auditing. However, where the manufacturer can demonstrate adequate process control to the certifying body, the frequency of sampling and testing nominated in the manufacturer’s quality and/or documented procedures shall take precedence for the purpose of product certification.
Table Al sets out the minimum sampling and testing frequency plan for a manufacturer to demonstrate compliance of product(s) to this Standard.
A5.2 Retesting
In the event of a test failure, the products manufactured since the previous test(s) conforming to the requirements outline in Table Al shall be quarantined as a batch. A further set of samples shall be selected randomly from the quarantined batch using a sampling plan to AS 1199.1 for an acceptable quality level (AQL) of 2.5 and an inspection level of S3, unless otherwise specified. If the retest requirements are met, the batch may be released and compliance with this Standard for the quarantined batch may be claimed.
Should a failure occur on retesting. ihen the quarantined batch shall be rejected and claims and/or marking indicating compliance to this Standard shall be suspended until the cause of the failure has heeti identified and corrected.
A5.3 Rejection after lest
In the event of a quarantined batch being rejected after retesting in accordance with the procedures set out in Paragraph A5.2, it may be subjected to 100% testing for the failed requirement(s), and only those items found to comply may be claimed and/or marked as complying with this Standard.AS 2943-2007 pdf free download.

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