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AS 3525-2008 pdf free download

AS 3525-2008 pdf free download.Financial transaction cards-Magnetic stripe data content for track 3.
8.1 Field 1: start sentinel
Purpose: To identify the start of data. The start sentinel is the first data character encoded on the track,
Format: One character.
Content: See ISO/IEC 7811-2 and ISO!IEC 7811-6.
8.2 Field 2: format code
Purpose: To identify the data format on track 3.
Format: Two digits.
Content: 00 – Invalid fOr international interchange.
01 – The layout shall conform to Table 1 of this International Standard.
02 – The layout shall conform to Table 2 of this International Standard.
03-89 — Reserved for future use by ISO.
90-99 – Available for use by individual card issuers but not for international interchange.
8.3 Field 3: primary account number (PAN)
Purpose: To identify the card issuer to which the transaction is to be routed and to identify the card holder.
Format: As defined in 3.7 of this International Standard, and in ISO/IEC 7812
Content: Issuer identification – 6 digits
Individual account identification — variable up to 12 digits.
Check digit – 1 digit
In dual track operation, where the PAN is encoded on track 2, the encoding of PAN on track 3 is optional.
8.4 Field 4: field separator (FS)
Purpose: To indicate the end of the PAN, whether PAN is encoded or not.
Format: One character.
Content: See ISO/IEC 7811-2 and ISOIIEC 7811-6.
8.5 Field 5: country code
Purpose: Deprecated. Previously used by ISO 4909:1987 for Country Code.
Format: One-character
Content: FS – See ISO!IEC 7811-2 and ISO/IEC 7811-6.
8.6 Field 6: currency
Purpose: To denote the type of currency to be employed when calculating for update.
Format: Three digits.
Content: Three zeros in the currency field indicate that the card is not available for international interchange. All other codes shall signify the numenc currency code contained in ISO 4217.
8.7 Field 7: currency exponent
Purpose: To determine the base value of the amount authorized and amount remaining fields.
Format: One digit.
Content: A digit denoting the number of times the contents of the amount authorized and the amount remaining fields must be multiplied by 10 to express the value in the major currency unit of the currency.
EXAMPLE If the currency exponent is 0, the value is equal to the content.
If the currency exponent Is 1, the value is the content multiplied by 10.
If the currency exponent Is 2. the value is the content multiplied by 100.
Thus 1 000 units can be expressed as 1 000 with currency exponent 0. as 100 with currency exponent = 1, and as 10 with currency exponent = 2.AS 3525-2008 pdf free download.

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