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AS 3711.2-2015 pdf free download

AS 3711.2-2015 pdf free download.Freight containers Part 2 : Terminology ( ISO 830 : 1999 , MOD).
actual dimensions
maximum overall external dimensions (including positive tolerances where these are applicable) for length, width and height measured along the exterior edges of the container
NOTE Diagonal tolerances, applicable to any of the six ‘laces” of a container are expressed in terms of the allowable difference between the lengths of the diagonals (measured between the centres of the corner fitting apertures) of the face in question. These diagonal tolerances are allowable even when the edge dimensions for the surface in question are at their maximum values.
Internal dimensions
dimensions of the largest unobstructed rectangular parallelepiped (parallelogram) which could be inscribed in the container if inward protrusions of the top corner fittings are disregarded
NOTE 1 Except where otherwise stated, the term ‘internal dimensions” is synonymous with the term unobstructed internal dimensions”.
NOTE 2 Some requirements governing internal dimensions are given in ISO 668, ISO 1496-1 and ISO 1496-2.
door opening
term usually reserved to define the size of the (end) door aperture, i.e. the width and height dimensions of the largest unobstructed parallelepiped (parallelogram) which could possibly be entered into the container via the door aperture in question.
NOTE 1 Minimum door openings are prescribed in
Iso 1496-1 for some general purpose containers and in
ISO 1496-2 for thermal containers.
NOTE 2 See definition of opening” in
Internal volume
volume determined by multiplying the internal dimensions of length, width and height
NOTE Except when otherwise stated, the term Internal volume” is synonymous with the terms unobstructed internal volum&, “capacity’ or unobstructed capacity.
5.3 Terms and definitions related to ratings and masses
gross mass1) of a container which is both the maximum mass for operation and the minimum mass for testing
NOTE Ratings are given in ISO 668.
tare mass
mass of empty container including all fittings and appliances associated with a particular type of container in its normal operating condition
EXAMPLE A mechanically refrigerated container with its refrigeration equipment installed and, where appropriate, full of fuel.
NOTE The term 1are is synonymous with the term are mass and the more commonly (but incorrectly) used term are weight.AS 3711.2-2015 pdf free download.

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