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AS 4617-2018 pdf free download

AS 4617-2018 pdf free download.Manually operated gas valves.
2.2.7 Springs
Springs shall be resistant to corrosion. The coils of a helical spring shall not overlap at any position during the operation of the valve.
2.2.8 Securing of parts together
Adhesives shall not be used for securing parts together without additional mechanical fixing means, except for labels.
2.2.9 Sharp edges
Exposed parts in the installed position shall be free from sharp edges that may cause damage or injury.
2.2.10 Valves incorporating a means of ignition
Where a means of ignition is incorporated with a valve, the valve shall be sufliciently robust to prevent distortion or damage in performing this additional operation.
2.2.11 Means of limiting (he travel of manual valves
The means of limiting the travel of a manual valve shall be such that it cannot be displaced or damaged.
2.2.12 Holes for assembly or mounting
Holes intended for the assembly of parts or for mounting shall not open into gasways. Holes
shall provide a minimum wall thickness of 1 mm from gaswuys.
2.2.13 Permanent sealing of non-functional holes
Non-functional holes used for manufacture and which torm a passage between gasways and the atmosphere shall be permanently sealed by mechanical means.
2.2.14 Self-tapping scresss
Self-tapping screws, other than those that form a fully swaged machine type thread, shall not be used to secure together the external joint of a gas-carrying component that may be removed in servicing. The application of thread-forming screws shall be limited to malleable materials. The application shall not result in deformation or cracking of the compunent.
2.2.1 Application of lubricant or sealant
Valves with a rated working pressure exceeding 14 kPa. which require the addition of lubricant or sealant to maintain gas tightness. shall he capable of having this added without dismantling the valve.
2.2.16 Adjustments by the user
The lightening of a gland or any other adjustment shall not permanently affect the ability of the valve to meet the performance requirements of this Standard.
2.3.) Components requiring sers’icing
Components requiring servicing during normal use shall be accessible and manufactured so that parts cannot be incorrectly assembled.
2.3.2 Connections
With the exception of a valve supplied with special purpose fittings for a specific application the connections shall be in accordance with AS/NZS 5601 series.
2.3.3 Operation of valves Types I and3
Valves shall close in a clockwise direction and only have positive stops at the OFF’ and FULL ON’ positions. Type 2
Valves shall have a positive stop or detent for the ‘OFF’ and FULL ON’ positions and may include variable flow control.
Valves shall close in a clockwise direction and have a positive stop at the ‘0FF’ position except those Type 2 valves where two separate functions are controlled by one valve. Ti’pe 4
Shall function in accordance with the manufacturer’s specifications.AS 4617-2018 pdf free download.

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