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AS 4654.2-2009 pdf free download

AS 4654.2-2009 pdf free download.Waterproofing membrane systems for exterior use Above ground level Part 2: Design and installation.
The membrane shall be protected from damage during installation and for the period after installation until the membrane achieves the service characteristics that resist damage.
I Protection may include physical barriers, restricted access, elevated walkways and protcction boards.
2 Some membranes may be sensitive to moisture during the early stages of curing. These membranes need to be installed when they will not be adversely affected by inclement weather or protected during curing.
2.9.1 General
Where a membrane is to be overlayed with another system (e.g. tiles. payers, ballast. insulation, soil and the like), the overlaying system shall he compatible with, and not cause damage to, the membrane. In some instances a slip sheet or protection board may be required between the membrane and the overlaying surface.
NOTE: During the installation of the overlaying system, care should be exercised to avoid damage to the membrane.
2.9.2 Bonded or partially bonded systems
Where the topping or bedding mortar requires to be bonded to the membrane, sufficient movement joints shall be provided in the topping or bedding mortar to reduce the movement over the membrane. Where the topping or bedding mortar is structurally sufficient not to require bonding to the substrate, a double slip sheet shall be laid over the membrane to separate it from the screed.
In some instances, additional movement joints in the bonded or unbonded finish may he required.
2.9.3 Movement joints in the substrate
For bonded finishes, movement joints in the substrate shall be carried through to and into
the surface finish.
On the completion of installation of the membrane system, the installer shall carry out a
visual test for compliance with the manufacturer’s requirements and. ‘here feasible, a
water test for a minimum duration of 24 h.AS 4654.2-2009 pdf free download.

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