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AS 4700.3-2014 pdf free download

AS 4700.3-2014 pdf free download.Implementation of Health Level Seven (HL7) Version 2.5
Part 3: Electronic messages for exchange of information on medicines prescription.
See HL7 V2.5, Section 4.13.9.
The following applies:
(a) Message overview
Figure 22 is an overview of the RGV give message and consists of the segments as
(b) !‘lflC1?Ofl
The RDS message’s pharmacy dispense segment carries the dispense data for a given issuance of medication; it could therefore describe a single dose, a half-day dose, a daily dose, a refill of a prescription, etc. It does not contain the ‘give’ instructions or scheduling information. When this give’ (i.e. administration) information needs to be transmitted from the Pharmacy application to another application, it is done with the RGV message.
The RGV message uses the RXG segment to record medicine administration instrucüons. It may carry information about a single scheduled administration on a medicine, or it may carry information about multiple administrations of a medicine. If the pharmacy (or some other application) needs to create a non-ambiguous MAR report where each administration is matched to a particular give datetime instruction, it may use the RGV message as described below and shown in Figure 22.
For each scheduled administration of the medication, the pharmacy issues either a single RGV message or a single RGV message with multiple RXG segments, one for each scheduled administration. The actual administrations (transmitted by one or more RAS messages) are matched against the scheduled ones by recording in each RXA segment the Give Sub-ID of the corresponding RXG segment. If more than one administration needs to be matched (as in the case of recording a change or rate of an IV solution), the administering application issues (an) additional RXA segment(s) (corresponding to the same RXG segment). If no matching is needed, the Give Sub- ID of the RXA segments has the value zero (0).
The common order shall have the filler order number and the order control code. The pharmacy encoded order and associated pharmacy components could he present if the receiving application needs any of their data. The RXG carries the scheduled administration data for either a single give instruction’ (single dose) of medication or for multiple ‘give instructions’. The RXG is not a complete record of an order. Use the pharmacy prescription order and pharmacy encoded order segments if a complete order is needed. The RXG is a record from the Pharmacy to the Nursing application (or other) with medicine administration instructions.AS 4700.3-2014 pdf free download.

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