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AS 4830-2007 pdf free download

AS 4830-2007 pdf free download.Determination of the extinction propensity of cigarettes.
(c) Cover the chimney on the test chamber.
(d) Select the number of layers of filter paper for the scheduled determinations using the procedure in Appendix A.
(e) Immediately before testing, place the required number of filter papers on the filter holder and place the metal test rim on top. Ensure that filter papers are lying flat and are in intimate contact with adjacent sheets. Discard filter papers that will not lie flat.
(f) Place the specimen holder on the floor of the chamber, just forward of the center of the filter paper holder.
(g) Without delay, remove a specimen from the conditioned space. Insert the unmarked end of the specimen into the specimen ignition system and hold it in a horizontal position. Turn on the air draw. I-bId the hot wire coil just in front of the marked end of the specimen for as long as is necessary to achieve uniform ignition without passing the 5 mm mark. During the ignition process. the specimen shall he rotated as needed to obtain an approximately symmetrical burn.
(I) If the operator is performing concurrent determinations in multiple test chambers, the operator shall not light a third specimen until each of the first two specimens has been placed on its respective set of filter papers. No more than two specimens shall be in the pre-burn stage at any time.
(ii) This provision need not be followed by an individual test operator if that operator has demonstrated that lifting the restriction does not introduce error that significantly changes either the measured extinction propensity or the uncertainty of that measurement. This determination shall he the responsibility of the testing laboratory.
(h) holding the specimen vertically, coal end up. transport the specimen to the test chamber.
NOTE: It has been found that holding a 600 mL beaker over the lit specimen is helpful in mitigating the likelihood of a foreign object or room air current impacting the specimen during transport and thus leading to the need to terminate the determination.
(i) Place the lit specimen. in a horizontal position with the specimen paper seam up. in the specimen holder.
(j) Simultaneously close the door and remove the chimney cover.
(k) If the specimen self-extinguishes while in the specimen holder, terminate the determination and record the results as a self-extinguishment, noting that this occurred in the holder.
This attempt shall count as a valid determination.AS 4830-2007 pdf free download.

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