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AS 4846-2014 pdf free download

AS 4846-2014 pdf free download.Person and provider identification in healthcare.
The Ill Service provides services to the health sector that will assist in being able to identify individuals (patients and healthcare providers) and organizations involved in the receipt or provision of healthcare. This service is in evolution and is likely to change over time. The ill Service uses a unique 16 digit identification numbers. However, these are not the only identifiers used in healthcare. nor do they necessarily replace the use of local identifiers in individual healthcare organizations.
The 111.4cr restricts the way in which the national identifiers and the Ill service can be used and specifies three types of national healthcare identifiers—
(a) Individual Healthcare Identifier (11-1!) for individuals receiving healthcare services;
(b) Ikdihcare Provider Idenlifier—Individual (IIPI-b for healthcare professionals involved in providing patient care; and
(C) Healthcare Provider idenlifier—Organisation (HPI-O) for organizations that deliver healthcare (such as hospitals or general practices)
The HI Service Operator is authorized under the HI .4c1 2010 to assign IHIs to individuals and disclose Il-Ils to healthcare providers for the purpose of providing healthcare. In addition, strict privacy laws under the Privacy .4c1 1988 (com,nonwealth) govern how these identifiers can be used.
This Standard has much broader requirements than the requirements for the HI service, but is intended to be usable alongside the service.
This Standard specifies the data and processes (manual and computer supported) required for supporting safe, quality based identification of individuals and organizations in healthcarc.
NOTI:: When a sofkare solution or a manual process is ealuated, the specifications in this Standard should always be considered, but in addition it should also he recognized that there are other requirements—such as audit, privacy and access control requirements—not yet specified in standards. Additional requirements to support audit, privacy and access control are not included in this Standard but should he included in the consideration of any identification system.
The data and system design components in this Standard are designed to support the functionality necessary in a local system, particularly where that system operates in a shared health information environment such as that being progressively implemented in Australian to support c-health and electronic health records. For this reason, this document includes some concepts that are not in pre-existing (legacy) systems, and that may not seem relevant to those who have used organization based patient master index systems.AS 4846-2014 pdf free download.

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