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AS 4852.1-2009 pdf free download

AS 4852.1-2009 pdf free download.Variable message signs Part 1 : Fixed signs.
All steel components, except those of stainless steel, shall be galvanized to AS/N7.S 4680. Contacts between untreated, dissimilar metals shall be avoided.
Where the support structure is a single-post design with the sign installed, the deflection at the end of the supporting arm due to wind actions in accordance with AS/NZS 1170.2 shall not exceed 250 mm for an outreach of 5000 mm and 350 mm for an outreach exceeding 5000 mm. Where the structure is a two-post design the deflection at any point on the structure shall be minimal.
Where specified by the purchaser, the sign support structure shall provide a walkway and platform for access to the rear side of the installed sign. The rear access platform shall be designed in accordance with AS 1657 and provide for the full width of the sign enclosure. An integral safety railing is to be provided with the platform. The design and installation shall ensure that the sign enclosure’s doors are not obstructed by any part of the platform or by items used to secure the sign enclosure or safety rails to the platform. Ai any possible door opening positions. sufficient emergency exit space shall exist at all times from any location on the access platform in accordance with applicable wiring rules (refer to ASJNZS 3000) and statutory Occupational Health and Safety requirenients. The platform shall be fitted with an expanded metal or mesh floor and toe plate that prevents objects from falling to the road below should personnel, undertaking maintenance of the sign, drop tools or parts.
Where specified by the purchaser, the sign support structure shall provide a fixed access ladder that leads to the rear access walkway and rear sign access platform. The access ladder shall be complete with a safet cage and an access security lock.
Provisions for connection of safety harnesses shall be provided in compliance with AS/NZS 1891.4 and applicable Occupational Health and Safety requirements.
Appropriate provisions shall be provided on the structure for mounting the sign. The mounting method shall ensure that the rear section of the sign enclosure and the face of the display modules are vertical with provision for adjustment as stipulated in Clause 2.1.2. It shall he possible to align the sign to point to the centre of the carriageway approach lanes at a distance of 250 m (100 rn for Type A signs) from the face of’ the sign. Suitably designed struts or braces shall he provided to ensure stability of the installed sign.
Design of the sign support structure shall he proof-engineered and certified by a qualified independent engineering consultant. Documentary evidence of the certification shall be supplied with the structure.AS 4852.1-2009 pdf free download.

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