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AS 4860-2007 pdf free download

AS 4860-2007 pdf free download.Knowledge-based identity authentication-Recognizing Know Customers.
1.3 Application
This Standard is relevant to government agencies. commercial organizations or other types of organizations (such as not-for-profit organizations or clubs). Organizations acting in any of the roles specified in this Standard may be separate legal entities or government agencies, or may be different parts of a single legal entity or government agency.
This Standard applies to provisioning electronic access for—
(a) remote access to multiple on-line applications such as web-services;
(b) electronic access to buildings and other facilities: and
(c) electronic access to assisted services provided to people in shops and offices.
This Standard is applicable when all of the following conditions apply:
(d) Knowledge about the identity of a person is needed by an organization when provisioning electronic access to services and facilities.
(e) Personal identity authentication credentials (i.e. identity authentication credentials assigned to a particular person for their exclusive use) are used to facilitate electronic access to services and facilities.
(f) Pre-existing. authenticated knowledge about a persons identity is available and a person has been assigned identity authentication credentials.
This Standard is not applicable in circumstances where more than one person legitimately uses the same identity authentication credentials.
This Standard does not specify requirements for a particular identity assurance level. Instead, it specifies requirements that arc applicable in cases where organizations have compatible identity assurance requirements.
NOTE: Appendix B gives an example of identity assurance levels.
This Standard does not assume a particular approach or technology to be used for on-line identity authentication. It is applicable to systems that use a range of technologies and with a range of identit) authentication assurance requirements. Thus, for example, this Standard can be used in situations ssherc on-line identity authentication is based on passwords. onetime pass-codes. Public Key Tn frastructure. and/or biometrics.
Users of this Standard need to decide whether or not available pre-existing, authenticated knowledge about a person’s identity is suitable or sufficient for their purposes.
NOTE: This Standard is not applicable in circumstances where there are legal or regulatory requirements for identity assurance that conflict with the requirements specified in this Standard.AS 4860-2007 pdf free download.

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