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AS 4933-2015 pdf free download

AS 4933-2015 pdf free download.Digital television Requirements for receivers for VHFIUHF DVB-T television broadcasts including ancillary services.
This Appendix specifies the requirements for receivers intended to operate in the Australian
7 MHz 1)VB-T environment. It expands on Clause 3.5. All voltage measurements in this
Appendix are referenced to a nominal 75 source and load.
Receivers shall meet the performance criteria over all broadcast channels listed in Table Dl.
For the purpose of demonstrating compliance to this Appendix, the minimum requirement is for measurements to be made on VHF Band Ill channels 8 and II. UhF Band IV channel 34 and on UHF Band V channel SO. The channels used for measurements shall be noted in any test report.
83.1 (;cneral
Compliance with the specifications given in this Appendix may he determined by direct bit error ratio or rate (BER) measurement at appropriate points in the receiver. If access to such points is not practical. the quasi-error-free (QEF) reception point may be determined by the picture failure point method, as noted below. All receivers shall be tested using moving picture content.
If another method is used, it shall be described in the test report.
The failure point criteria used are as follows:
I Reference HER, defined as HER 2 x lO after Viterbi decoding that is defined as the quasi-error-free (QEF) reception point.
2 Picture failure point for DVB-T (PFPI). defined as the minimum C/N or C/I value when two out of three 10 s periods are free from picture artefacts. This is more convenient for some of the measurements than the normal reference HER criterion, which might be unreachable.
4OTE: A reference HER sets the level for QEF. Qua’.i-crror-free’ or QFF is defined as a HER of below IO at the output of the receiver’s outer (RS) decoder. A HER of lO’ is approximately equivalent to a single error per hour.
B3.2 Approximate delta values between PFPI and rcfcrcnce BER (QEF)
Delta values that may be used for 64 QAM are the following:
(a) I .4 dB for multipath. [)oppler and SFN measurements for FEC 2/3.AS 4933-2015 pdf free download.

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