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AS 5007-2007 pdf free download

AS 5007-2007 pdf free download.Powered doors for pedestrian access and egress.
2.2.3 Activation of the drive
The drive shall actiate leaf movement only by designated commands, impulses or by program control and only if the safeguarding devices such as presence sensors are not actuated.
2.2.4 Electrical equipment
Doors sith electrical drives shall he connected to the mains supply in accordance with ASINZS 3000. The means of disconnection from the mains supply should be located at a minimum height of 2 m from floor level to avoid unintentional or unauthoriscd operation. The electrical supply to the equipment should he on a dedicated circuit from the building distribution panel. If the electrical drive unit is connected via a plug-in system, a main switch is not necessary. The means of disconnection shall be designed so that it can be safeguarded against unintentional and unauthorized activation.
Where there is tiiore than one source of power supply, each individual power source shall be capable of isolation to allos maintenance work to he carried out safely.
Where the door is required to operate under certain conditions, the purchaser shall specify the requirements for the manufacturer. For example, if the electrical equipment is intended to operate in an cnironmcnt ‘here there is a risk of explosion. electrical components and enclosures should be selected and installed in accordance with HR 13.
2.2. Hydraulic or l)ncumatic equipment (if fitted)
Units using sources of energy other than electricity shall conform to the requirements of this standard. Hydraulic system. components and pipework shall also conform with AS 2671. Pneumatic system, components and pipework shall also conform with AS 2788.
2.2.6 Locking devices
If fitted to doors or as part of the door operating equipment:
(a) Mechanical locks shall comply sith the requirements of AS 4145.2.
(h) Electric locks can fail secure’ if not part of required exit door. If the door forms part of a required exit path from a building, the lock shall failsafe.
2.3.1 General
Powered pedestrian doors shall he designed so that crushing. shearing and drawing-in hazards during the opening and closing movements are avoided or safeguarded. For safety requirements, refer to Clause 3.4.AS 5007-2007 pdf free download.

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