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AS 5061-2008 pdf free download

AS 5061-2008 pdf free download.Interactive voice response systems user interface-Speech recognition.
1.4.49 Timeout
An interval of time where this is no user input. The allosed time before a user starts responding may he referred to as ‘No speech timeout’ (NSTO). lithe user hasn’t responded within the allowed time, the system usually interprets this as a ‘no input’ or ‘NSTO’ error. The time alIo%cd after a user has finished responding is commonly known as ‘end-of- speech timeout’.
1.4.50 Universal (or global) comniand
A word or phrase recognized throughout a speech recognition application that enables the user to perform a particular task: for example. ‘repeat’.
The command may be expressed within the prompts. such as ‘To return to the start at any time, say s/art, or to skip to the end, say skip.’ Alternatively. they ma be available hut not expressed with in the prompts.
Also known as a ‘global command’, •common command’ or ‘universal command’.
The commands may be defined within the prompts. such as, ‘To return to the start at any’ time. say’ s/art, or to skip to the end, say’ skip.’ Alternatively, they may be enabled hut not stated within the application except b way of context specific help prompts.
1.4.51 Usability
The effectiveness, efficiency and satisfaction with which specified users can achieve specified goals or tasks in a particular environment,
1.4.52 User
A person who uses the speech recognition application. In this document. ‘user’ is usually synonymous with ‘speaker’.
1.4.53 User interface
The aspects of a computer system that can be perceived (for example, heard or seen) b’ a human user, and the mechanisms and commands that can he used to input data and operate the system.
1.4.54 Utterance
The response of a user to a prompt. This is the terminology used in place of lernis like ‘word’ or ‘phrase’. Other sounds the user may make, such as coughs. shuffling papers. clearing the throat or side-speech are extraneous noise signals.AS 5061-2008 pdf free download.

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