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AS 60034.5-2009 pdf free download

AS 60034.5-2009 pdf free download.Rotating electrical machines Part 5: Degrees of protection provided by the integral design of rotating electrical machines (IP Code) Classification.
5 Degrees of protection — Second characteristic numeral
5.1 The second characteristic numeral indicates the degree of protection provided by the enclosure with respect to harmful effects due to ingress of water.
Table 3 gives, in the third column, details of the type of protection provided by the enclosure for each of the degrees of protection represented by the second characteristic numeral.
An air-cooled open machine is weather-protected when its design reduces the ingress of rain. snow and airborne particles, under specified conditions, to an amount consistent with correct operation.
This degree of protection is designated by the letter W placed after the second characteristic numeral
5.2 For second characteristic numerals up to and including 6, compliance of an enclosure with an indicated degree of protection implies that the enclosure will also comply with all lower degrees of protection in table 3.
In consequence, the tests establishing these lower degrees of protection are not required, except in case of doubt.
For IPX7 and IPX8, it shall not be assumed that compliance of the enclosure implies that the enclosure will also comply with all lower degrees of protection in table 3.
6 Marking
It is recommended that the characteristic letters and numerals be marked on the machine preferably on the rating plate or, if this is not practicable, on the enclosure.
When all parts of a machine do not have the same degree of protection, at least the designation of the lowest degree shall be shown, followed, if necessary, by the higher designation with clear reference to the part to which it applies.
NOTE Space limitations on the rating plate usually only allow the lowest IP code to be marked Parts or components having a higher degree of protection should then be specified in the documentation andlor in the operating instructions.
The lower degree of protection of:
— guards for external fans (as allowed in 43);
— drain holes (as allowed in 4.4);
need not be specified on the rating plate or in the documentation.AS 60034.5-2009 pdf free download.

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