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AS 60269.2.1-2005 pdf free download

AS 60269.2.1-2005 pdf free download.Low-voltage fuses Part 2.1: Supplementary requirements for fuses for use by authorized persons (fuses mainly for industrial application)—Sections I to VI: Examples of types of standardized fuses.
In order to verify that the fuse-base contacts are firmly seated, steel screws (class 8.8) are fastened at the terminals They are fastened three times by applying a torque of 1,2 times the value specified by the manufacturer or, where no value is specified, 1,2 times the value of Table F. For flat connections requiring a nut, steps shall be taken to prevent, by suitable means, the nut from turning round.
After this test the contact pieces of the fuse-base shall not have moved to such an extent as to affect the further use of the fuse-base The insulating mounting Part of the fuse-base shall neither be broken nor shall it show any signs of cracks, Impact resistance of gripping-Iugs of moulded material or of metal fixed in
moulded material Test arrangement
The facility to verity impact resistance is given in Figure 9(l). The weight of the drop hammer is 300 g. the height of fall between the impact-mandrel and the gripping-lug is 300 mm. Test method
One fuse-link is exposed to (150 ± 5) °C for 168 h and another one to —15 °C for 72 h The fuse-link exposed to heat is to be cooled off to room temperature before being subjected to the dynamic stress. For the sample exposed to cooling the time interval between the taking out and the dynamic stress shall not be longer than 1 mm.
The samples are placed in the test facility of Figure 9(I) in such a way that the direction of the stroke is parallel to the longitudinal axis of the fuse-link. Each of the gripping-tugs is only once exposed to stress at which the place of impact shall be the middle of the gripping-lug- neck. It shall be guaranteed that each time only the upper gripping-lug is stressed by the impact. Acceptability of test results
The gripping-lugs shall show no damage capable of hindering their further use. Each of the gripping-lugs shall not be bent out by more than 3 mm measured before and after the impact; furthermore the coupling with a handle according to Figure 3(l), shall not be hindered.
8.11,2.3 Verification of resistance to rusting The test shall be carried out according to Iso 6988 with cyclic moist atmosphere containing 0,2 % S02 (SFW 0,2 S); number of cycles: 1.
For reasons of test economy this test may be carried out on the test samples used for the non-deterioration test of contacts according to 8.10 after completion of the test.AS 60269.2.1-2005 pdf free download.

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