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AS 60974.1-2006 pdf free download

AS 60974.1-2006 pdf free download.Arc welding equipment Part 1 : Welding power sources ( IEC 60974-1 : 2000 , MOD ).
Conformity shall be checked by the following tests and by establishing that no damage or functional failure to the welding power source occur during the tests.
Starting from the cold state, the welding power is loaded at the rated maximum welding current until one of the following occurs
a) the thermal protection is actuated:
b) the temperature limits of the windings are reached;
C) a period of 10 mm is reached.
Immediately after reset of the thermal protection in a), or after b) or c), one of the following tests is carried out.
1) In the case of a drooping characteristic welding power source, the controls are set to provide rated maximum welding current. It is then loaded 60 times with a short circuit having an external resistance between 8 m] and 10 m[] for 2 s, each short circuit followed by a pause of 3 s.
2) In the case of a flat characteristic welding power source, it is loaded once with 1.5 times the rated maximum welding current for 15 s. For welding power sources fitted with a protection device, which limits the welding current to a value lower than 1,5 times the rated maximum welding current, the test is carried out at the maximum welding current available.
7.5 Commutators and slip-rings
Commutators, slip-rings and their brushes shall show no evidence of injurious sparking or
damage throughout the range of the rotating welding power source. Conformity shall be checked by visual inspection during
a) the heating test in accordance with 7.1 and
b) the loading test in accordance with item 1) or 2) of 7.4.
8 Abnormal operation
A welding power source shall not suffer hazardous electrical breakdown or cause a risk of fire under the conditions of operation of 8.1 to 8,3. These tests are conducted without regard to temperature attained on any part, or the continued proper functioning of the welding power source. The only criterion is that the welding power source does not become unsafe. These tests may be conducted on other welding power sources.AS 60974.1-2006 pdf free download.

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