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AS 62040.2-2008 pdf free download

AS 62040.2-2008 pdf free download.Uninterruptible power systems ( UPS ) Part 2 : Electromagnetic compatibility ( EMC ) requirements.
The number of additional cables should be limited to the condition in which the addition of another cable does not affect the emission level by more than 2 dB. The rationale for the selection of the configuration and loading of ports shall be included in the test report.
A.32 Interconnecting cables should be of the type and length specified in the individual equipment requirements. If the length can be varied, the length shall be selected to produce maximum emission.
A.3.3 If shielded or special cables are used during the tests to achieve compliance, then a note shall be included in the instruction manual advising of the need to use such cables.
A.3.4 Excess lengths of cables shall be bundled at the approximate centre of the cable, with the bundles 0.3 m to 0.4 m in length. If it is impractical to do so because of cable bulk or stiffness, or because the testing is being made at a user installation, the disposition of the excess cable shall be precisely noted in the test report.
A.3.5 Any set of results shall be accompanied by a complete description of the cable and equipment orientation so that results can be repeated. If there are conditions of use, those conditions shall be specified and documented, for example. cable length, cable type, shielding and grounding. These conditions shall be included in the instruction manual.
A.3.6 When equipment which interacts with other equipment to form a system is being evaluated, then the evaluation may be carried out using either additional equipment to represent the total system or with the use of simulators. Using either method, care shall be taken to ensure that the equipment under test is evaluated with the effects of the rest of the system, or simulators satisfying the ambient noise conditions specified in A.6.5. Any simulator used in lieu of an actual device shall properly represent the electrical and, in some cases, the mechanical characteristics of the interface, especially with respect to r.f. signals and impedances as well as cable configuration and types
NOTE This procedure is required to permit the evaiuation of equipment which wili be combined with other equipment from different manufacturers to form a system.
A.3.7 For UPS whose battery is external to the unit, the battery shall. where possible, be included in the test set-up and installed in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions.
Where this is not possible, or the battery including its housing is supplied by others, then this shall be noted in the test report.AS 62040.2-2008 pdf free download.

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