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AS 7240.12-2007 pdf free download

AS 7240.12-2007 pdf free download.Fire detection and alarm systems Part 12: Line type smoke detectors using a transmifted optical beam.
To enable correct operation of the detectors, these data should describe the requirements for the correct processing of the signals from the detector and include at least the following.
a) The maximum angular misalignment; if this is different for the transmitter, receiver or reflector or different for the vertical or horizontal misalignment, this shall be stated
b) The response threshold value of the detector in dB: if the response threshold value can be adjusted, the minimum and maximum response threshold values and any setting of response behaviour that does not comply with this part of ISO 7240 shall be stated.
c) The minimum and maximum separation distance.
Installation and maintenance data shall include reference to an in s?tu test method to ensure that detectors operate correctly when installed.
NOTE Additional infomiation can be required by organizations certifying that detectors produced by a manufacturer conform to the requirements of this part of ISO 7240.
4.11 Requirements for software-controlled detectors
4.11.1 General
The requirements of 4.11,2, 4.11.3 and 4.11.4 shall be met for detectors that rely on software control in order to fulfil the requirements of this part of ISO 7240.
4.11.2 Software documentation The manufacturer shall submit documentation that gives an overview of the software design. This documentation shall be in sufficient detail for the design to be inspected for compliance with this part of ISO 7240 and shall include at least the following:
a) functional description of the main program flow (e.g. as a flow diagram or structogram), including
1) a brief description of the modules and the functions that they perform,
2) the way in which the modules interact,
3) the overall hierarchy of the program.
4) the way in which the software interacts with the hardware of the detector.
5) the way in which the modules are called, including any interrupt processing;
b) description of those areas of memory used for the various purposes (e.g. the program. sitespecific data and running data);
C) designation by which the software and its version can be uniquely identified. The manufacturer shall have available detailed design documentation, but which is provided to the testing authority only when required by that authority, It shall be comprised of at least the following:AS 7240.12-2007 pdf free download.

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